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Empowering young people with an entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge and skills

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Future Entrepreneurs was founded in 2016 by multi-award-winning social entrepreneur Helen Al Uzaizi. Our journey started with a simple yet powerful vision of empowering the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. With our vision coupled with our belief in the potential of young professionals, we began to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in the young throughout the MENA region. 

When we started, we were just a small team of professionals dedicated to empowering young minds. A small team equipped with dynamic skills and backgrounds in business, innovation, and mentorship. A that was, and still is, set to ignite the entrepreneurial mindset in young minds. 

In our early days, we quickly realized that traditional education is no longer sufficient for the entrepreneurial landscape of tomorrow. Upon this realization, we began to empower tongue minds with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience they need to navigate and excel through the complex and evolving entrepreneurial environment.

It’s almost a decade-long journey we've been on, and during our journey, we managed to leave an exponential impact. We’ve reached out to and partnered with numerous children, young professionals, educational institutes, and organizations, helping them harness their entrepreneurial potential. Our innovative programs, hackathons, accelerators, and workshops have helped us empower others like you to achieve unprecedented levels of entrepreneurial success. 

We have nurtured countless young professionals helping them transition into confident and visionary leaders who are now transforming their world. Their success stories continue to inspire and fuel our dedication to helping young individuals prosper in their professional lives.

Our commitment to innovative and practical learning experiences remains unwavering even in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. We continuously strive to push beyond the limits and ensure that our training and education are always one step ahead of the changing entrepreneurial and educational landscape. 

Our partnerships with government departments, corporations, and educational institutes have expanded our reach and helped us create tailored initiatives specific to your needs and challenges. 

Today, we remain committed to helping you unlock your true entrepreneurial potential. We envision a world where you turn your innovative ideas into profitable and beneficial solutions that help make the world a better place!



Share your experiences and inspirations, and learn how we can help you turn your dreams into a reality!

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